In both local and global contexts, humans are radically modifying the environment and producing new societal risks. In light of these developments, my program of research examines why we respond to and manage these changes in the ways that we do; what our actions reveal about society and our fraught relationship with nature; and what these actions reveal about our relationship to one another.

I am involved with several funded research projects examining scientific, political and economic factors influencing societal responses to environmental change. These projects seek to (a) detail how environment and development policy objectives are defined rhetorically, substantiated scientifically, organized administratively and negotiated politically; (b) expose program/policy tensions that produce undesirable and inequitable social and environmental conditions; and (c) describe the emergence of new governance arrangements that reconcile program tensions and produce alternative and more socially and ecologically just outcomes. I have applied this critical and interdisciplinary approach to diverse research topics, with several publications related to each of the following. 

Wildfires, Suburbanization, Affluence and Hazard Vulnerability 

Clean Cookstoves, Fuelwood Collection, Carbon Offsets and Empowerment

Outdoor Recreation and Leave No Trace 

Environmental and Geographical Classifications

Climate Change, Social Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity

Pandemics and Global Environmental Change

Critical Interdisciplinarity

(A full list of articles can be found in the Publications tab above.)

Gregory L Simon

Department of Geography and Environmental Science

University of Colorado Denver

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